Saturday, November 28, 2009

Anti-Zionist Jews

One thing which never ceases to amaze me, is the hatred that some leftist anti-Zionist Jews have for their own people, and the Jewish state. I look at the lies from leftists such as George Soros, Noam Chomsky and their supporters. I look at their support of Nazi elements in today's society and I frankly, become disgusted. Their statements of and support of, groups that have as their admitted goal, the destruction of the Jewish state is simply an insanity. For example, George Soros supports groups, such as J-Street and the Arab American Institute that work to implement policies that will result in the destruction of the Jewish state and the deaths of millions of Jews. The head of the Arab American Institute is an extremist anti-Semite who believes that the Jews are behind 9/11. J-Street is an organization that is backed by Arab Muslims, such as the royal family of Saudi Arabia and works, hand in hand with other leftist and Muslim organizations that want to destroy Israel and kill Jews.

And what I really don't understand, it what can be going through the minds of the Jews who are working for J-Street. Or are working for similar groups. This is an utter and complete insanity.

And the problem with such people, is by their support of extremist Muslim elements, they are not only condemning their own people to death, they are condemning countless untold numbers of Arabs, both Muslims and Christians to their deaths. If the extremist Muslims got their way and were able to complete the holocaust, they wouldn't stop with the Jews. What starts with the Jews doesn't end with the Jews. The Shiite Muslims, Christians, moderate Muslims and other "infidels" would be killed. If the extremists had their way, hundreds of millions would lose their lives.

I have far less respect for people like this, than Arab Muslims who have simply been brainwashed. Some time ago, I spoke to a young Palestinian who expressed his admiration for Adolf Hitler and his support of war against Israel and the West. But I can't be angry with him. I can only be sad. He, and so many other Arabs have simply been brainwashed. I don't hate Arab Muslims for their beliefs, they have simply been filled with false information from birth throughout their lives. My belief is that if the education system in the middle east were truly reformed, if Islam was truly reformed and made a real religion of peace, we would have far, far fewer conflicts between the Islamic world and the West. The true root of the conflict is false information.

But what I really can't understand, is why someone, growing up among other Jews, growing up among their own people, would work with racists in an attempt to eliminate their own race. This is a sickness.

During slavery, there were a handful of black people who participated in the slave trade. These people, would happily sell fellow Africans down the river. They simply didn't care. Soros, Chomsky, Sara Roy and their ilk fall in this category of humanity. They will do anything to make a buck. They have no conscience. Absolutely no conscience. Especially Hungarian Jewish Nazi collaborator George Soros, who, in 1999 on a 60 Minutes TV show, expressed his belief that his collaboration with the Nazis was a positive thing, a thing which helped improved his character. When asked if he had any regrets, he said he had absolutely no regrets and if presented with the same situation today, would again collaborate with the Nazis against his own people. It is true that some Jews were forced to collaborate with the Nazis in concentration camps, but the case of Soros is nothing like this. He wasn't in a Concentration camp. He expressed pride in his service to the Nazis. The situations aren't in any way comparable, especially when you look at the fact that today, Soros lives in a free society, yet voluntarily collaborates with the Islamofascists, who are the modern day Nazis.

Some would say these people are simply confused. I don't. I say anyone who wants to eliminate any race of people, is simply evil. Pure and simple.

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