Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Barack Obama and Socialism

As it has now become apparent, Barack Obama is a socialist. And no, socialist is not a code word for black. Far from it. Many notable blacks throughout history have been opposed to what socialism stands for which is the opposite of freedom. The fact that he is a socialist is not very suprising to us that didn't vote for him simply becuase he is black. Or simply because he is a Democrat.

Those of us who looked into him and his history found a very different man than what he pretends to be in front of the screaming crowds chanting his name.

In his books, Obama talks about attending socialist conferences. He talks of hanging out with Marxist professors. In the 70s he developed a close relationship with Frank Marshall Davis, who is a known member of the Communist Party USA, which was subservient to the Soviet Union. In later years he called for a rewrite of the constitution so that things could be made more "fair." In other words, people's wealth would be confiscated and given to others who didn't work. More recently, during his campaign, he called for wealth redistribution. At the time, a survey was done of Americans which found that his idea to "spread the wealth" around as either non-offensive or actually a good idea. Now that he is actually in office, with a Democratic majority in congress, he is actually working to carry out these insane ideas.

When will the sheep ever learn. There is absolutely no such thing as a good socialist / communist country that works out exactly like the politicians say it will work out. One for one, these socialist / communist "paradises" always end in disaster -- or they survive by introducing free market principals like China has. And speaking of China, believe it or not, China's business tax is less than America's. America has a capital gains tax. China doesn't. Even China, a communist country realizes that these things don't work.