Friday, July 9, 2010

The Black Community and Excuses

One reason the black community is in so much trouble is the tendency, within the community to blame other people as opposed to looking within for the reasons behind bad situations. For example, let's look at the increasing number of babies being born to single mothers. This is a major problem that hasn't been faced fully by the NAACP and other black civil rights organizations. Statistics show that a child born in a single parent household will, statistically, not do as well as a child born in a household run by a father and a mother. For example, children of two family households are more likely to go to college, they are more likely to stay away from a life of crime, they are more likely to succeed. But you seen an endless stream of black "leaders" blaming these problems on the "white man," "Jews," "the racist society," the government and other such things. But the real problem, is that we have 75% of black children being born out of wedlock. We have an increasing number of young black men who are not staying with their children. We have an epidemic of children being raised in the streets instead of being raised by their family and that along with a horrible education system, run by government bureaucrats and unions and a tendency of two many in the black community to, instead of having faith in a higher power, to have faith in government and leftist ideas. Those are the real things causing the problems that we run into.

But instead of facing this and moving forward, there are an endless stream of excuses emanating from so-called black leaders. Excuses which, in the end get in the way of what we actually need to do, which is take responsibility for the crime and other bad conditions in our community. We, as black people, need to face the problems and a group and solve them. We need to start with our friends and our family members who are not taking as much responsibility for their families. While we can't control their life we can make them know that we disapprove of their behavior. We can encourage them to do the right thing. And if we all do this, we will see a change. We can stop supporting welfare state policies which have only shown, statistically to harm our community and we must insist that policies are implemented on a state and federal level which help small business expand so that their are more jobs. We can stop supporting the socialist teacher's union that only holds black children down. We must recognize that in order for us to become more successful, we need a better education system for our children, one that through the free market rewards competence and punishes schools that are failing like the vast majority of the schools in the black community are.

The absolute last thing we need is more excuses which simply are designed to make us feel better but do not, in the long run solve any of the problems that we face.