Some Questions for the Anti-Zionists

You feel that the state of Israel is an apartheid state. You believe that the Israel is the largest abuser of human rights in the world. You probably also believe that America and Israel are the prime violators of human rights in the world and that everything would be happy if America just stopped interfering with other countries. Everything would be fine if Israel would move back to the 1967 borders and give the Palestinians their own state, or even better cease to exist all together.

I have read your emails. I know your playbook. Now I have some questions for you, a person who is so concerned with human rights.

What articles have your written criticizing Lebanon, where Palestinians are openly discriminated against, have no rights to go into a large number of professions, are not able to vote or even become citizens of a country that they and their families have  been in, in some cases, for over 40 years. This is state sponsored discrimination supported by Hezbollah among others. How many protests have you attended against Hezbollah. When have you spoken out against Hezbollah and their crimes?

When have you spoken out against Kuwait and their crimes against the Palestinians? About how the Kuwait government "cleansed" their country of over 350,000 Palestinians. About how Palestinians were systematically hunted down and killed. About how Palestinians were tortured at the hands of the Kuwaiti regime.

Next question. Let's talk about Iraq. Where are the protests against the Islamic government in Iraq which expelled their Palestinian population. In fact, while you were protesting against Jews building additions to their homes, while you protested against Israel killing terrorists, Palestinians in Iraq were being expelled by their Muslim brothers. What did you say while this was going on? How many anti-Iraq protests did you go to?

What about the discrimination against Palestinians practiced by the Jordanians.  About how Jordan is taking away the citizenship of many Palestinians. Or about the thousands of Palestinians killed by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.Or the fact that the country, which is more than half Palestinians is being run by a group of Arabs from Saudi Arabia. Where are the protests?

I have no problem with criticism of Israel, but it is hard for me to take you seriously when you don't level similar, if not worse criticisms against the Palestinians and the other Arabs. You say your are not anti-Semetic, but only anti-Zionist. Then if you are so angry about "crimes" of "Zionists" why are you not angry about the actual crimes of Arab regimes against Palestinians and also against their own people?