Saturday, January 16, 2010

Obama's Idiotic Ideas to Repair the Economy

I'm not sure what is going on in the mind of President Obama. My gut feeling is that, as a card carrying member of the hard left, he can't face the fact that leftist solutions are simply fairy tales. There is no tooth fairy and government can't turn around this downward spiral in the economy.

The only thing that will turn this around, the only solution that will really work is something which the Democrats would never do. And that is deep tax cuts, deep reductions in government regulation and spending. That is all. This is what Reagan did when faced with a collapsing economy. This is the formula that will work to turn around the country.

Liberals talk on and on about how fair or not fair this or that is. And the fact of the matter is, is that life isn't fair. Nothing is fair. And in life, the people who work the hardest get the most money. End of story. There is no reason to punish business owners that work hard and build up their businesses. Instead, these people should be given incentives to increase their production.

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