Monday, January 18, 2010

Do I really hate all Arabs?

No. What a silly idea. I don't hate Arabs or any group of Arabs, such as Saudis, Palestinians or anyone else. Anyone who has visited my Youtube page, will notice that I refer to several Arabs, some of whom are Muslims, as heroes. So how could I hate all Arabs?

Brigitte Gabriel, Dr. Tafwik Hamid and Walid Phares I look upon as my biggest influences as to my thinking on the Middle East. I also have been influenced by the speeches and writings of Shaykh Prof. Abdul Hadi Palazzi, a Muslim Sheikh. These people are ALL Arabs. A few of them are Muslims. Much of my information on the Middle East history and current situation comes from these people. As to current events and points of view among Muslims, I watch translations of Arabic language news among other things. So I know what I am talking about. I have seen the hatred and racism with my own eyes.

I don't hate people based on their race, but what I do hate is racism, bigotry and ignorance. I hate this trait whether it is displayed by a Jew, Christian, Hindu, Indian, African or a person of any other religion or race.

Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is, the religion that is teaching hatred the most is Islam. The religion that is teaching violence and bigotry, far, far more than any other religion is Islam. Facts are facts. Yes there are a handful of Muslims that don't agree with this, such as my hero, Dr. Tafwik Hamid and speak out against it. But we must face the fact that these voices are in the minority and the people who do speak out against violence committed against "infidels" and bigotry against non-believers are threatened, beaten and often killed. We must also face the fact that Islam, as taught in the majority of mosques within the United States, Europe and the Middle East, teach anti-semitism, bigotry and hatred.

And now your probably thinking, what about the extremist Jews and Christians. Look at all the crazy things Jews and Christians have done to Muslims. You are right. I condemn Goldstein, who killed 29 Palestinians and other Christian / Jewish extremists. But what is not being faced today, is the points of view espoused by these extremists, towards minorities are nothing compared to the points of view that is expressed routinely by Islamic media towards Jews and Christians. Again, bigotry and racism are wrong no matter who is racist. Let's take Rabbi Meir Kahane, the man the left loves to hate and has been labeled by many as an extremist. I can't comment since I don't know that much about him and his philosophy. But let's say that everything that the left and Arabs say about him was correct. He wanted to expel all Arabs from Israel. He hated all Arabs and wanted to fight them. Ok, let's start from there. If he were an Arab, espousing these beliefs about Jews, he would be considered a moderate. It would be no big deal, since Hamas and other radical Islamic group are so much more extreme and want to bring about an Islamic state, kill all the Jews and Palestinians who disagreed and force the remaining Palestinians to live in the 7th century. There is no parallel in any other religion. There is just no equal.

Again, if a group of people are calling themselves Muslims and they are loyal to the country they live in, don't oppress women and children, don't hate other people based off their religion or race, aren't violent and reject this, fine. I don't care how or when a person prays. I don't care what they worship or don't worship in the comfort of their home. I just don't care. I'm a religious libertarian. Whatever makes you happy is fine with me, provided you aren't harming others. But the problem is, Islam is not taught that way today. What is taught today is Islam supremacy, political Islam. That is the problem.

Some have said that I hate every Palestinian simply because I oppose terrorist groups such as Hamas and Fatah. Or that I believe that people who hate where they are living should leave. You must understand that these beliefs don't stem from hatred of people. Any people. They simply stem from the desire for these people to stay alive, be happy and at the same time, not threaten the lives of anyone else. In fact, Palestinians are more likely to be victims of these terrorist barbarians than Jews or anyone else. If someone, no matter what their race, is living in the country of and they hate people in the country they live in, they should leave and go to somewhere where they are happy. For example, if there was a black couple who was living in the middle of France and they hated French people and had a strong desire to kill them, that couple should leave. This example doesn't mean that I hate every black person, I'm a black person myself. But it does mean that anyone who is unhappy where they are, should find a place where they can be happy. And in the case of those Arab Muslims who are anti-Semites and bigots, they are not going to be happy in a Jewish state and would be happier in an Islamic state. And if that is the way they feel they should leave. If a person is not this way, they should be allowed to stay. Again, I judge people based on actions, not race. I condemn racist Jews. I condemn racists of any race or religion. Don't take my columns as excuses for racism towards anyone. But judging based on group membership and public statements from those specific groups is not racism.

For example, let's say a Mexican is a member of a gang, called the Bloods. They are a known street gang that deals drugs. So if someone is a member of the Bloods, he is not going to have the freedom that a person who is not a member of this group. For example, police will arrest this person more than they would arrest someone else. This person would not have the freedom to, for example, teach in a school. It would be wrong to simply judge him because he is a Latino. But the fact that he is a gang member means that he is a violent criminal who must be restricted.

Let's make another example. Say a person is living near a Buddhist temple and they have a deep hatred of Buddhists. In fact, they are so opposed to people meditating, they shoot anyone who tries to meditate or they hear of as meditating. That person should simply leave the area of the Buddhist temple. They should go off somewhere where they are happy, where they aren't people who are doing this. Or they should change their beliefs about Buddhism and meditation.

This has nothing to do with the race or religion of the people involved. It is just simple common sense. People shouldn't live where they are unhappy. If they hate the country they are living in so much, they should go back to where they came from or another country which they like. Today, America is a primarily Christian country, so is Canada, Australia and the rest of the Western countries. Israel is the Jewish state. This state includes Gaza and the West Bank. If you are unhappy where you live, if you want Islamic law, you should go to a country that has this, such as Saudi Arabia or another Muslim country. If you are a Christian and are living in a Muslim state and don't want to, you should leave the Muslim state. Whoever is living where they don't want to live should leave. End of story.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Obama's Idiotic Ideas to Repair the Economy

I'm not sure what is going on in the mind of President Obama. My gut feeling is that, as a card carrying member of the hard left, he can't face the fact that leftist solutions are simply fairy tales. There is no tooth fairy and government can't turn around this downward spiral in the economy.

The only thing that will turn this around, the only solution that will really work is something which the Democrats would never do. And that is deep tax cuts, deep reductions in government regulation and spending. That is all. This is what Reagan did when faced with a collapsing economy. This is the formula that will work to turn around the country.

Liberals talk on and on about how fair or not fair this or that is. And the fact of the matter is, is that life isn't fair. Nothing is fair. And in life, the people who work the hardest get the most money. End of story. There is no reason to punish business owners that work hard and build up their businesses. Instead, these people should be given incentives to increase their production.