Thursday, June 18, 2009

How real peace can be achieved in the Middle East

You may think, reading my previous post, that I believe that a just solution is not possible for the Israel / Palestine conflict and I definitely do not believe that. I wholeheartedly believe in peace and furthermore, I believe in a lasting, permanent peace.

However, the peace that the Israeli group Peace Now and other liberal activist groups promote, is actually suicide. Real peace is when you either don't have any enemies (unlikely in the modern world) or when your enemies are absolutely terrified of fighting you, because your army is so strong that you can defeat them pretty rapidly. That is the peace that Israel needs. A true peace brought about because the Arab states have either recognized Israel as a Jewish, Zionist state (unlikely), or are scared of fighting them because they are so strong so vicious so harsh that no one dares bother them. And that is what is needed. The various anti-Western terrorist groups and the countries that sponsor them, such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, need to be terrified of Israel and the West. They need to realize that sponsoring terror will absolutely not be tolerated. Ideally this would be done by diplomacy, but in the case of Iran, I don't see this as happening, barring a total meltdown of the current Iranian Islamic Republic. So, whatever needs to be done, needs to be done in order to get this idea to the Arab states. It may be necessary to set further examples until they get this idea and cease this activity.

As to Palestine, kick the disloyal "Palestinians" out. There is no race of Arabs, known as "Palestinians." This race has never existed. There has never been a country called Palestine. These people are actually Egyptians and Jordanians and they have the right to leave Israel and go back to their home countries of Egypt (Palestinians in Gaza are Egyptians and the ones in the West Bank are Jordanians) and Jordan if they are not loyal to Israel. Again, I am not a racist and I'm aware that there are many Palestinians who are good people. I have friends who are Palestinians. However, at this time in Gaza and the West Bank, such people are in the minority. The vast majority don't support Israel and don't want to be there. So, people who feel that way need to leave. If someone is a Palestinian and can swear an oath of allegiance to Israel as a Jewish, Zionist state and has in words and deeds shown support for the state, fine stay. But otherwise they have to leave. And the same thing needs to be done for the "anti-Zionist" Jews. If they support the Arab enemies so much and openly wish for the destruction of the Jewish state, they need to leave.