Sunday, June 27, 2010

Israel US relations in Crisis

I saw an interesting article in of all places, The Guardian from the UK, entitled
"Israel-US relations rocked by 'tectonic rift' Israel's ambassador to Washington says situation has 'moved beyond a crisis that eventually passes'." Quotes from the article, and my comments are below.

Relations between Israel and its staunchest ally, the US, have suffered a "tectonic rift", according to Israel's ambassador to Washington.

Michael Oren briefed Israeli diplomats on the sharp deterioration between the countries ahead of Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu's visit to the White House early next month.

According to those present, Oren said the situation had moved beyond a crisis that eventually passes. "There is no crisis in Israel-US relations because in a crisis there are ups and downs," he told the diplomats in Jerusalem. "Relations are in the state of a tectonic rift in which continents are drifting apart."

Of course they have. Obama is an anti-semitic, anti-Israel fanatic. We have to face the fact that there is no reason to continue to try to reason with Obama. He wants to destroy Israel. Why do I say that? His actions prove it. What so many Jews and other people as well, fall down on is listening to his words and not observing his actions. Words are cheap. Words mean NOTHING, if not followed up by actions. AIPAC and the rest of the pro-Israel crowd got taken in by Obama's words, but never actually faced his 20 year history of anti-zionist connections and activities. Israel needs to simply take the actions that are in its best interests, end of story.

Oren said President Barack Obama made judgments about Israel on the basis of cold calculation in contrast to predecessors George W Bush and Bill Clinton, who were motivated by historical and ideological factors. He suggested that Obama was less likely to be influenced by pro-Israel supporters inside or outside the White House. "This is a one-man show," he was quoted as saying.

In other words, Obama is willing to sacrifice the safety of Israel in order to please the international community. Obama in this respect is similar to Neville Chamberlain. Neville was willing to sacrifice Czechoslovakia in order to achieve "peace" with Adolf Hitler. We all know how well that worked out, 60 million dead. All could have been saved if Chamberlain and the rest of the Europeans did what they should have done, which is bomb the German military into the stone age when they started making aggressive motions towards their neighbors. Yes, tens of thousands would have died. But this would have saved the lives of tens of millions.

It is the same with Obama. He is so worried about the opinion of the international community, he is willing to sacrifice the safety of millions of people, in his desire to appease the Islamic world. Unfortunately, for Obama and his advisers and the rest of the world, if Israel goes down, we all go down. The Islamic terrorists that Israel fights have said time and time again, that their target is not only the Jewish state, but it is also the entire Christian world. In other words, first Saturday and then Sunday. The plan is to first kill the Jews, the Saturday people and then go after the Christians, the Sunday people and EVERY OTHER non-Muslim. Muslims who support human rights, who are not extremists will also be targeted. I have read interviews with Palestinian terrorists where they say this exact thing. They are very clear about this in their writing and speeches in Arabic. Yet so many in our government don't do the common sense thing and simply listen to what they say. This shows what a low IQ in fact these people have. So it is very foolish to try to appease them.

The agenda of next week's meeting is unlikely to prove painless for Netanyahu. As well as discussing the flotilla debacle, Obama is expected to press for further action to allow imports, exports and people to move more freely to and from Gaza. In addition, Obama is expected to again raise the vexed issue of settlement construction. The 10-month partial freeze, wrung out of Netanyahu after months of pressure and negotiation, is due to end in late September.

It would be suicide for Israel to agree to this. They need to stand firm against Obama and the other jew haters in his administration. Any imports that are allowed will be used to prop up the Hamas terrorist regime. Increased freedom of movement means more freedom for terrorists to attack Israel.

As to settlements, the fact that this is even being discussed shows how much the "international community" and specifically the Obama administration hates Jews. As I have said before, I'm not Jewish, but I have friends that are Jewish and I think it is extremely bigoted and racist to not allow people, solely because of their ethnic background to live in a certain area. And that is what Obama and much of the "international community" stands for. Discriminating against people because of their ethnic background and religious beliefs which is, simply disgusting. My belief is that as long as a person is loyal to Israel as a Jewish state, is not a terrorist and doesn't support any terrorist organizations, as long as they are not a security threat and are a citizen of Israel, they should be free to live where they want to live.

And as much as the Palestinians love to cry about discrimination, as a group, they are far, far more racist than the Jews are. That is one of many reasons I support Israel and the Jews over the Palestinians. I have watched Palestinian authority TV and it is just hate from beginning to end. Hate blacks, hate Jews, hate Kurds, hate Americans, kill Americans, kill Jews. And every once in a while, a statement of support for the president of Sudan who, backed by the Arab world, is killing and enslaving blacks. And this is what the "moderate" Palestinian Authority supports. Enslaving blacks, killing blacks, killing Jews, killing Americans. These are the values these people have. Am I talking about every single one. No, absolutely not. There are some that don't. But the majority do. And their leaders certainly do. So before the Palestinians and other Arabs start crying about racism, they need to clean up their own house. They need to stop hating blacks, hating Jews, hating Americans, hating other people. They need to realize that just because someone is an Arab Muslim, it doesn't mean that they are superior to everybody else. And when the Arabs actually stop their own racism, then MAYBE I'll listen to their complaints.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Obama Administration and the Internet

Senator Joe Lieberman introduced a bill, called Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act which would allow Obama to shut down the Internet in case of a "national security" emergency.

This bill is wrong on so many levels I could write up hundreds of pages on the subject, but one of the main problems is Obama frankly, is in a dream world. He is not connected to reality and is WAY over his head. Therefore he, nor is any government politician qualified to exert control over the Internet. Especially Obama, since he has stated that he wants to control and in some cases shut down news outlets that disagree with him. Or levy special taxes on these outlets to give money for his friends in the mainstream media. And because of this and many other reasons, he can't be trusted with this type of power.

Lately I have been disappointed with Lieberman. He proposes bills like this, but never thinks things through.

Republican Party and the Pharmaceutical Industry

Another area which I disagree with the mainstream Republican party is on the subject of value of alternative health and the dangers of prescription drugs. I have seen a number of Republicans bash alternative medicine and practitioners.

I do not believe that medical drugs should never be used. I do. There are a great many cases where a person would need a drug for a certain purpose. But today, far, far too many people are taking drugs for specious reasons. People are literally seeing an ad on TV for, say a heartburn drug, and then going and seeing their doctor and getting prescribed this drug which, in truth they did not need. Or they have a mild condition and instead of making lifestyle changes to handle their issues, they are lazy and simply take a drug, when this was not actually necessary. For example, if a person's blood pressure is only slightly high, they can often resolve the situation by dietary changes, exercise and reducing the stress in their life. So instead of taking these common sense measures, the person chooses to take drugs despite the fact that these are not necessary.

Another solution, when it comes to conditions is alternative medicine. Not all of the time, but sometimes medical conditions are caused by simple mineral or vitamin deficiencies. For example, for years I had trouble sleeping. In the end, it turned out that I was not getting enough calcium in my diet since I am lactose intolerant and therefore don't drink milk. Because of this condition I needed to supplement my diet with extra calcium and other minerals. I started doing this and the sleeping problem resolved itself. No need for Ambien or some other expensive drug.

And what so many fail to realize is that prescription drugs are not candy. They are dangerous substances that can injure or kill. Hundreds of thousands of people die from these prescription drugs and they are nothing to mess around with. Now again, there ARE some cases where a person legitimately needs a drug. But today, these drugs are being given out like candy and the force driving the boom, direct to consumer advertising of prescription drugs, defended by Republicans and some Libertarians, continues unabated despite the obvious fact that ordinary people are simply not able to determine what drugs they need and don't need. And doctors in many cases are unable to do what they should do, which is when asked about a drug, just say no. Don't prescribe it if the patient really doesn't need it.

So instead of bashing these alternative health solutions, such as vitamins and minerals, we need to embrace them. They can't cure everything, not by a long shot, but it can definitely solve some common conditions.

Values Clarification and Mental Health "Professionals"

I did a blog post a while ago on leftist intellectuals and the harm they cause.

The mental health field is a prime example of this. They have been completely taken over by leftists and as a result, it is no surprise that increasing numbers of people, including myself find it difficult to take seriously, the endless stream of pronouncements from people who call themselves experts on mental health.

For example let's take values clarification classes, done in schools and developed by mental health professionals. The ostensible reason for these exercises is to help a child "discover his or her own values." There are a number of values clarification exercises in schools that these "experts" have developed, from asking a child about his religious beliefs and then holding these beliefs up to attack and ridicule by the rest of the class to carefully explaining to children that whatever sexual decisions they make are OK and every decision is equally moral. For example, the decision to wait for a committed relationship before having sex is, morally, the same as a homosexual man having sex with hundreds of partners. All decisions are equally valuable. As a whole, these values clarifications exercises are designed to weaken a child's moral compass.

There is no reason for a child to "discover" values or to be made to question values he was raised with. His or her parents, along with their Church or Temple are the correct sources of moral values. If they are confused as to what is moral, they should talk to their parents, or if they feel this is difficult, they should, reach out to their minister or rabbi and have a heart to heart discussion with this person. Or they can reach out to a youth pastor. If a person is Christian they can also study their bible. There is no reason for someone to "discover" new values. For Christians there are biblical values. For Jews, there are Torah values. These are values that mankind have lived with for thousands of years. They are time tested values and lead to a moral life. Other religions have other books which outline their moral values, for example, Hindus have holy books with their values. In any event, it is important that children have a moral backbone, and this DOES NOT, come from some leftist teacher, psychologist or psychiatrist, who hates Christians and traditional values.

What these leftists hate to face is the fact that when people adhere to these moral values, things go better. Leftists hate this but facts are facts. When the black community was focused on the Church, things were much better. Children were growing up in two parent households. They were getting jobs. Things were better. When the black community became leftists and embraced left wing values, things got far worse. And the more we embrace these left wing values, the worse things get. So it is obvious that these values are unworkable and are in fact harmful.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Republicans and Religious Tolerance

I am a devoted conservative in that I agree with much of the Republican platform but there are some things which some Republicans do, which really annoy me. And one of these things is being intolerant of other religions.

There are far too many Christian conservatives in the Republican party that automatically hate anything that isn't Christian. This isn't true of all of them, or the majority of them, but it is true of too many of them. Yes, we all oppose radical Islam. But there is absolutely no reason to attack one of my strongest influences, Dr. Tawfik Hamid, who happens to be a Muslim. Or another one of my heroes, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser who is also an Arab Muslim. Or Sheikh Professor Abdul Hadi Palazzi. Or any of my friends that are Sikhs. Or Jews. Or Druze. Or Buddhists. Or whatever.

When it comes to religion, my overall philosophy is that as long as you aren't hurting anybody else, you should be left alone. Everyone should have the right to practice their religion in peace and it shouldn't be brought up in a political campaign. Everyone has different religious beliefs. The important thing is that they have moral values and are loyal to their country. And if a person is not Christian, if they are a Buddhist, like a few of my friends or some other peaceful religion, I don't think that this should be a problem or issue. There was a campaign several years ago, between State Senator Stephen Martin and now Representative Eric Cantor, who is Jewish. Martin slammed Cantor's religion by making one of his campaign talking points that Cantor, because he was a Jew, didn't have moral values that represented Virginia. This is obviously insane and absurd. And anti-semitic. My belief is that people only get into religious mud slinging when they don't have anything better to discuss.It is an extremely lowbrow tactic and disgusting.

If someone is an Islamic terrorist, do we have to defeat them? Yes. Without a doubt. We must not hesitate to destroy evil or evil will destroy us. And, as I have said before, my problem with Islam, as it is taught today, is that instead of moral values being taught, in most Islamic mosques today, values of racial and ethnic hatred are taught. In other words, people are taught that it is moral and good, to kill others based off their ethnic and / or religious backgrounds. And this is bad. Any group doing this must be destroyed. But we must not generalize and think of everyone who is simply different as evil. And we must recognize that even within Islam, there are reformers, such as Dr. Hamid, who need our love and support. And prayers (if that is what you do.) We must also recognize that just because the West is having such a problem with Islam, it doesn't mean that every non-Western religion is bad. In other words, we can't equate every religion with radical Islam. For example, Sikhism. I had a few friends growing up who were Sikhs. They were calm peaceful people. In fact, they were as a whole, very pacifist. More peaceful than many Christians. Yet some criticize them because of their religious beliefs, while not even understanding these beliefs, which is foolish.

This is very important and while most conservatives understand this, there are some that definitely do not and it is important that we, as conservatives, work on this.

Israel defeats terrorists, world issues condmenation

Israel stops a ship full of terrorists, boards it and kills nine terrorists that are attacking Israeli soldiers and trying to kill them. An obvious case of good soldiers versus evil jihadists. Yes, maybe to me and you. Yet the mainstream media, in typical liberal fashion, appear to be unable to recognize the difference between good and evil and are lost in a sea of moral confusion.

Any person has the right to defend themselves. Any country has the right to defend their citizens against terrorists. Yet when Jews defend themselves, this somehow considered a "crime" by the UN and the rest of the "international community"

Just shows how useless the UN and other international bodies are. They are so morally confused, they don't even consider that self-defense is moral.