Monday, July 20, 2009

Facebook, Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust museum shooting

As you may or may not have heard, there was recently a shooting in the holocaust museum in New York by 88 year-old anti-Semite and racist James W. von Brunn which killed a security guard. This is an absolute tragedy. But the ideology of hatred that drives extremists such as von Brunn and other ilk is unfortunately, still alive and reaches countless new minds through the Internet.

And one of the most popular Internet sites, one which gets a ton of traffic, far more than 99.9% of websites is Facebook. The CEO of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg, who is a Jew and sadly he has decided to allow his site to be used as a forum to promote anti-Semitism.

While von Brunn and ONLY von Brunn is responsible for his evil and disgusting actions, it is a fact that sites promoting these kind of hatred do, without a doubt, contribute to the kind of hatred that leads to this kind of violence. And while I fully support freedom of speech, calling for the murder of people, whether they be gay people, Jews, Christians, blacks or any other group is simply wrong. Anyone who condones this kind of hatred is contributing to it.

And that is where Facebook comes into play. Facebook tolerates the most virulent, neo-Nazi, anti-Semetic hatred on their system, while systematically cracking down on groups that seek to expose Islamic extremism. For example, it is acceptable on Facebook to deny the holocaust, label people a "Nigger faggot, Jew nosed cunt” and openly promote racism and anti-Semitism. They consider it acceptable for people to refer to Jews as a vermin, as a disease. Yet when people who support Israel and by extension, support the Jewish people, put up pages opposing, for example, the Ground Zero Mosque, this is immediately deleted. And it is not only that page, there is a systematic pattern at Facebook of censoring conservative voices. Another conservative, wrote an excellent article on it entitled "Is Facebook 'Censoring' Conservatives?" (  It is pretty clear which side of the fence Zuckerberg and the Facebook company stand on. And again, while von Brunn is solely and fully responsible for his actions, it is an undeniable fact that the kind of hatred promoted on Facebook and around the Internet does encourage the kind of violence that we have seen recently.