Saturday, November 28, 2009


President Obama's plans for health care reform go far beyond simple ignorance and go into what can only be termed evil. From death panels to mandatory end of life counseling it is simply rotten to the core. And the taxes that would be necessary to support this nightmare plan will definitely cripple our economy. Because in this global economy, when companies can save millions in taxes by moving to another country, they will. Are business taxes in this country are already way, way too high. Today, capital gains and business taxes are much lower in CHINA, a communist country. In this day and age it is actually easier to start a small business in China than in America which is ridiculous.

And that is the real problem with these "Utopian" leftist programs. The people who push them never think the thought through. The country is already going bankrupt paying for Medicaid and Medicare. In fact, each year 44% of the total budget of the US government goes to just three entitlement programs, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. And they only cover a portion of the US population. The government is trillions in debt paying for just those programs. And now Obama is supporting a plan that will only accelerate the bankruptcy of this country. Disgusting.

The solution to the recession is extremely simple. Deep tax rate cuts. Cut the long term capital gains tax to 10% or lower. Drop the health care bill. Review existing business regulations with the aim of repelling as many of them as possible. The result of this would be a huge increase in capital for business and this would result in more jobs.

The next step would be to eliminate many of these welfare programs. We have over 50 separate welfare programs. Of course, if a person is permanently physically (not mentally) disabled or a child, they can't be left without food and shelter. But if someone is able bodied, they need to get to work. I can see temporary assistance, limited to 2 years for every 15 years worked. But we need to eliminate the entitlement culture, where over 30% of Americans are dependent on one government program or another.

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