Friday, May 7, 2010

Obama's failure on Jobs

It never ceases to amaze me how left wing politicians can't spot the obvious economic laws which drive a country. They are so simple and easy to grasp if one simply observes, I can't help but wonder about the extremely low level of intelligence of the "very best people" in our government.

The complete lack of an ability to observe in so many graduates of our Universities is frankly depressing. They graduate as loyal foot soldiers for Greenpeace, AFL-CIO or some other left wing organization, but when it comes to common sense, especially among too many of our economics and history Phds, they are lacking in these skills.

Let's take the economy. Jobs and the economy are actually very easy to understand. Factors leading to job growth are actually very simple. You reduce taxes and regulations, it is easier for small companies, which make up the bulk of new job growth, to add new jobs. If you create more regulation, if you force people to buy their employees health care or force them to pay more taxes, obviously they won't hire more people. They don't have limitless amounts of money and these things cost money. This isn't hard to understand. Yet it is so difficult for our President and his other useful idiot leftists who have gone to all the best schools, are part of all the "best" organizations, yet can't spot the obvious.

The excuses that politicians make, are frankly, specious. They seem to make sense but are lies. I hear all of this imaginary concern from the Left about poor people, and how people are struggling. Well, the solution to that, as I have said in earlier blogs, is to cut regulation, deep business tax cuts, so that money is freed up to hire new employees. Cut welfare and other programs that allow able bodied people to live off the government without doing anything. Get these people trained for jobs. As companies have more capital, they will increase hiring, including hiring for entry level positions. Gradually these people, if they work hard and apply themselves, will move out of poverty. This is the real solution. Not another government program. Not another government handout.

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