Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Failure of Western Foreign Policy

I have gotten numerous messages saying that I never criticize Israel and therefore I think they are perfect.

Well I can tell you that I do not believe that Israel or any other country in the world is perfect. They are ALL extremely flawed. America has made tons of mistakes. The United States government (apart from the military) is extremely stupid, inflexible and bureaucratic. It is a wonder that they get anything done. The same applies to a degree to the Israeli government. The Jewish state has more Phds per capita than probably any other country, yet I see its government make stupid decision after stupid decision. It show their and America's complete lack of understanding when it comes to the Arab world and to a lesser degree foreign affairs with other countries.

The reason for this deep stupidity when it comes to these things is because both countries, and many other in the West rely on Ivory tower intellectuals. These are people who have been to universities for many years, have studied all about an area, are considered "experts," but have no practical experience in that area outside of the government or academia. For example there take an "expert" in economics who has a PHd in economics and has been teaching it in Harvard for 20 years. This person has never run a business or done anything of value outside of teaching at Harvard. These are the kind of people the government loves to hire, because everyone agrees they are "brilliant" but they are actually some of the worst people to hire, since they have no practical experience.

A five star example of a group that represents this in spades is the Council on Foreign Relations. The CFR is filled with ivory tower intellectuals. Everyone is "so smart." Everyone has been to school and graduated with the best degrees. Everyone graduated at the top of the their class. Everyone agrees that these people are the "best and brightest." But they can't understand even the fundamentals of a foreign policy. And while the CFR is primarily a United States organization, their influence allows their stupid ideas to spread around the world. And that is the problem. Stupid foreign policy ideas originated by leftist intellectuals talking to other leftist intellectuals in some University somewhere with no actual experience.

You look at Obama, where does he get these stupid ideas from. Why is he encouraging Middle Eastern countries to allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon, which it says it will use to kill 15 million Muslims and at least 5 million Jews. On its surface it seems extremely unintelligent to allow a regime like this to develop these kinds of weapons. Yet we have two ivy league intellectuals, writing in the pages of Foreign Relations, the official magazine of the CFR, recommending that America allow this country to develop nuclear weapons and even to setup an alliance with them!?!?! You see Zbigniew Brzezinski, Obama's advisor recommending that America actually shoot down Israeli jets if they try to take out Iran's nuclear facilities. This is clearly madness.

Why is Obama insulting our allies, such as the United Kingdom, and coozing up to dictatorships like those in Russia and Venezuela. Since Obama himself is an intellectual and was a college professor things are far worse than with any other President. Not only are all of his advisers straight from various ivory towers, he is as well, with no real experience outside of left wing organizing and government. He probably spoke at length with other professors and other "smart" people about how we simply need to talk to these foreign countries, how nobody has ever talked to these people. All of his leftist friends such as Bill Ayers, probably agreed to this. But the problem with these ideas is that they only rarely work in the real world.

It would be beneficial for the US government to lay off everyone who solely has experience in college and hire people with actual real world experience.

I am not pro-war. I don't think that war is always the solution. But I will tell you something interesting, which Obama and his advisers don't seem to be able to grasp. If you have force and you are willing to use it, often you don't need to use it. But if you display weakness, if you are afraid to use force you are weak, you will actually end up in more fights. This is not a rule I invented. It is simply life. That law is why many people who learn Karate or another Martial Art often find that they don't need to use it. Because they know how to handle possibly violent situations, they are not afraid of them and therefore end up in less of them. Compare that to a frail person who is completely terrified of everything and will do anything to not get into a fight. He will be much more likely to get into a fight.

Europe is like this but far, far worse. There foreign policy consists of appeasing any foreign power that may be hostile. They just role over and agree to any demand. You see threats from Islamic terrorist groups against the Europeans and what do they do in the face of terrorist groups? What do they do in the face of critical foreign governments? They bend over backwards to try to do what these groups want. This is the losing path. This is the path to enslavement. The only way to handle any adversary is to display strength and that has to be the key point to any foreign policy strategy. Because European governments are filled with these intellectual types, far more than in even the United States government, their heads are filled with stupid ideas that would only work in the back of a university. Just look at Spain. Al-Qaida bombs Spain and they promptly withdraw from Iraq. This is the WRONG thing to do. In the face of terrorism, it is vital that a country NOT do what the terrorists want and show strength. That is the real way to handle the problem. Display strength. In other words, they should have sent MORE troops to Iraq as a result of the bombing.

Then across the ocean you have Israel. A country with, as I said before, the highest IQ per capita of probably any country in the world. They have developed so much wonderful technology. For example parts of the Intel microchip were developed in Israel -- our computers rely on Israeli technology. And that is just one example, there are many other things these people have developed.

Yet when it comes to terrorism and foreign policy, the Israeli government, while being more realistic than either the European or United States governments, having dealt with the problem longer, is still kind of stupid. Because suffer from the same disease that afflicts Europe and the United States. Leftist intellectuals, giving their leaders flowery ideas that will never work in the real world. A five star example of this is the silly dream of a two state solution, where all the Arab states will recognize Israel and a state of Palestine will be near Israel and will live in peace with the Jews. I have a whole blog post on why this is idiotic and would never work, but anyone who has even casually studied current Islamic teachings regarding Jews would realize that this is a fantasy, no more realistic than the tooth fairy. The heart of the problem is not, like some leftist intellectuals say, "settlements." In other words, according to the leftist narrative, Jews building a garage or a new home is somehow a "barrier" to peace. What a completely silly idea. The real barrier to peace is the fact that many Arab Muslims have an extremely deep racism and hatred towards others. By others, I mean anyone who is not a Arab Muslim. For example, if Israel was replaced by a country populated by dark skinned Hindus, they would be fought as well, since in the Arab Muslim mind, these people are racially and spiritually inferior. If there was a group of African Muslims in the middle of the Middle East, these people would and have been considered racially inferior, "animals." There have been cases on record where black Muslims have had stones thrown at them in Islamic countries. Blacks are regularly called "Ibid" which is Arabic for black slave, in English, the word would be "nigger." During the 1970s, the King of Saudi Arabia stated that he didn't want any Blacks, including Black Muslims to work in the country because Africans "pollute" the country. Despite their persecution under the Islamic regime in the Sudan, the only country that gives African Muslims shelter is Israel, the Jewish state. Just shows how racist the rest of the Arab world is. I'm sorry if this offends you, but this is just the way it is.

So my whole point in bringing this up is, if these people are unable to live with each other, how are they going to live in peace with a JEWISH state when their religion teaches them to hate Jews and others. This idea of negotiating a settlement is a fantasy. If Israel wants a real foreign policy that will work, they need to bring in my mentor, a total hero and my strongest influence, the head of Islam for Peace, Dr. Tafwik Hamid. He would tell them to stop talking and communicate a very simple message that anyone can understand. Bother me and I will f*ck you up. Leave me alone and I will leave you alone. Another message they need to get out is NO LAND FOR PEACE. PEACE FOR PEACE. These messages needs to be reiterated over and over again until the Arabs get it. It isn't complicated. Even the stupidest leaders can grasp this. Again, no negotiations over land. Just repeat the message over and over again in words and actions. Let's say Hamas launches some rockets. Israel's response to this should be expelling Hamas and taking over Gaza and building some "settlements." Let's say there is violence from Fatah, in the West Bank. The perpetrators say they do it because they are frustrated over settlements. Ok. Israel kills the individuals who committed the terrorist acts and creates far more "settlements." At least double or triple the number of "settlements" before the incident of terrorism. Repeat the cycle and suddenly you have peace. Throw the whole idea of freezing construction or freezing "settlements" in the trash.

So when you have a solution that could be implemented so simply, why doesn't the Israeli government implement a common sense solution to this problem like the above. Leftist intellectuals filling their heads with idiotic ideas or reasons that have nothing to do with reality. If Israel would only project strength, discard this stupid land for peace policy they would be able to achieve the peace they have sought for so long in very short order.

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