Friday, November 5, 2010

Want to get rid of Terror? Stop Supporting It

In the west, we have  a schizophrenic relationship with radical Islam. On one hand we defend the biggest exporters of radical Islam, Saudi Arabia. We sell them our most advanced weapons and are at their beck and call. The Saudis and the Gulf states control most of our foreign policy when it comes to the Middle East. Our elected officials, both Democrats and Repulicans refer to these countries as United States "allies" while they spread the most hateful propoganda and teachings about the West, Christianity, Hinduism and Judaism, the religions of our allies. While they teach their citizens to hate us and kill us. While they created and today support groups that are fighting America, like the Taliban, in Afghanistan.

Then when a generation of youth raised to hate America and the West arrises, these very same "allies" work with our enemeies to arm these people and before you know it, there is suddenly a global "hot spot" in some country and America has to go in and blow some country to pieces to get at some Islamic terrorists. But simply going in and fighting is a short term solution. Yes, terrorists have to be destroyed, but you can't bomb forever. And the big problem with going in and bombing areas is you inevitabely hit innocent civilians. And when you do that, you create even more enemies where you didn't have enemies before. When someone is sitting in their house and it has been bombed out, or they are looking at the corpse of some family member or friend, you have created an enemy. You have created someone that is going to do everything he can to destory you. So this doesn't even fully solve the problem. In the end, simply bombing, shooting and fighting are not the solution.

And the liberal solution, to simply tolerate this kind of teaching and say that it is acceptable is also not workable. Becuase then you are permitting the cancer to grow.

The solution, is that America and the West need to stop their unconditional support and defense of regimes, like the one in Saudi Arabia, that are exporters of the terrorist ideology. They need to realize that in some cases, spreading hatred is as bad as or worse than, spreading actual weapons. They need to realize that the oppression, by these regimes of their citizens is simply creating a siutation that will later boil over and in the end, require more US military intervention.

We need to drill here. In the lower 48 states, there is as much oil as Saudi Arabia, if not more, but we just haven't drilled. So we need a crash drilling program, to drill here in America, drill everywhere their is oil, so we are not sending billions of dollars over to that part of the world, which they use to incite violence and hatred towards us.

Another part of the solution is education. Instead of unconditionally supporting radical Muslims, such as those that compromise the governments of Saudi Arabia and many other Arab states, we should support moderate Muslims, like my hero Dr. Tawfik Hamid. We should support moderate Muslims that teach peaceful interpertations of Islamic verses. We need to listen to Muslims that want to work with us peacefully, and are willing to live in peace with the West, such as Dr. Zudhi Jasser. We need to work to gradually detoxify Muslims of the hatreds they have been indoctrinated in. These are the real long term solutions. This doesn't mean that you don't defend yourself. You have to. Terrorist groups, like the Taliban, have to be defeated. But that doesn't mean that all that you do is fight. You have to fight but you also have to change the ideology so that you don't have generations of young Muslims being raised in hatred.

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