Sunday, August 9, 2009

Why Gun Control doesn't work

Our latest Supreme Court Justice, Sottomayor, along with many of her friends on the left are engaged in a battle, whether they talk about it publicly or not, to restrict firearms so that only cops and military personnel will have guns. They think that this is a good idea, they talk endlessly about how guns cause violence. How violence would decrease if only get rid of the guns. They believe that if only enough laws were passed against these guns, they would disappear and we would somehow live in a Utopian, perfect society.

What liberals never seem to understand is the following simple truths. Law abiding citizens with guns, by definition, don't use them to commit crimes. Criminals, by definition, use guns to commit crimes and don't follow laws. So therefore, it doesn't matter how many laws you pass against guns or regulating guns. The criminals won't follow them. They only cause problems for the law abiding citizen, the person who wasn't going to commit crimes anyway. Now I will say that there are a small number of gun laws that are needed. For example, gun shops shouldn't be selling weapons to people who have spent time in mental institutions, because they are crazy. Little children shouldn't be able to have guns obviously. But the necessary number of regulations is small.

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