Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Black Community

I consider myself a black conservative and agree with most Republican principals but I feel that the leadership has betrayed the principals of the party. I'm a huge supporter of Ron Paul.

The Black community doesn't need more hand outs. Where have the handouts gotten us? Nowhere. Believe it or not, black literacy levels were higher in 1910 than they are today 80% versus today's rate of around 64%. How many handouts did we have in 1910? None. And don't get me started on teen pregnancy. It doesn't cost any money for teenagers to simply not have sex. When I was in high school, I knew where I wanted to go and knew that having a baby too early would put a kink in my plans. Since the only way to be sure not to have a baby is not to have sex, I decided not to have sex until I was out of high school. Such a simple solution but it is actually the answer to the teen pregnancy problem. Don't do something if you can't take responsibility for the consequences of your actions. Seems so simple but some can't appreciate the simplicity of the solution and instead push for a million different liberal government programs which actually ENCOURAGE teenagers to have sex.

What we, as a community, need to do is to stop compulsively voting Democratic and explore our options. Are some Republicans racists? Definitely. However, so are some Democrats. There are racists in both parties. But look at what positions the Republican party has put blacks in. We have a black woman as Secretary of State. What Democratic administration put a black person in a position of this caliber? None.

What the black community needs is free market solutions. It is amazing to me that most black politicians talk about school vouchers like the world would end if this was passed into law and then send their children to private schools. Why the double standard? Why can't inner city black families have the same choices that they have.

On the subject of taxes, I'm sick of Barack and the other Democratic leaders talking about raising taxes on the "wealthy." Why is it that if a person works hard and succeeds in life they are horrible in the eyes of the Democrats? The problem with all of this raising taxes nonsense is that if you take away all of the incentive to work hard and become successful, no one will put in the work to become successful or they will move outside of the United States in order to avoid paying the taxes. Government revenue will decline. Then who will pay for all of the government programs that have been passed into law. I have several friends who could be considered by some to be rich. What most Democrats will never understand is that these people work like mad. They work far, far harder than your average worker. They certainly work far harder than your average far left / socialist university professor. It is not unusual for them to work 60+ hours in a week and often work longer hours than that. And they have worked that way for many years(often 10 or more) to get where they are. Some people do inherit wealth, but the vast majority of the rich earn their money the old fashion way -- working very, very, very hard. Anybody can become rich. Hard work is the key. Luck has very little to do with it. I have found that the harder I work, the luckier I become.

And last but not least, I think Barack Obama is a very bright man and is an excellent speaker. I have a lot of respect for him personally. However, I disagree with his socialist agenda. I don't think that this is what the country needs.

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